weight off my shoulders

i think there’s good overwhelmed and bad overwhelmed. i sometimes have a hard time knowing the difference, and it’s often a fine line between the two. i’ve been walking the line lately.

graduating from college and moving just comes with a lot of newness. new jobs, new friends, new places. i love the clients i have, my roommate, my family, my apartment, but all of the change definitely brings on some anxiety, and adjusting has proven that i’m not the all-time superstar at everything that i try to be.

i’m learning to say yes to certain things and no to certain things. just this week i’ve done both. i’m really really really excited to share some of the things i’ve said “yes!” to with everyone as things get solidified. they are all good things that make me way way excited, the good kind of overwhelmed.



Let me tell you something about Erin.

Erin Michelle Brady has been my best friend since we were 13. We were the only two girls in our 8th grade PE class that didn’t want to participate and had some serious attitude about it, so we joined forces and refused to play basketball together. Since that moment, Erin has been my sister.

My favorite thing about my incredibly beautiful, smart bestie is that she is the sassiest thing you’ll ever meet. You’re lucky that she is also a talented writer and fashion connoisseur, because she channels that extreme sass into her blog, Fashion According to Erin. Run there. Sprint, even. Read it now, it is so funny. You’ll love it.

On top of all that, E is a macaroon expert, pop culture scholar, and has coffee flowing through her veins because her life actually does depend on it.

Love you E, thank you for inspiring me every day to be creative and funny and to never wear sweat pants outside (even though I totally do).

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by, and it’s totally scary/exciting/weird to think about how fast the rest of the semester will fly by too! Spring break is right around the corner, and from there weeks filled with Coachella dreaming, the National Student Advertising Competition in Las Vegas and pleeeeenty of designing will bring me right onto the steps of graduation! So crazy.

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